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Everyone likes a good bargain but trying to figure out if that next big item will be on sale right after you buy it is always frustrating.  How do you know if you got it for the lowest price?  With the help from the internet (specifically and I put together a guide that lists when items will go sale:

January - 

  • broadway tickets
  • carpeting and flooring
  • suits

February -

  • furniture (new furniture deputs in spring so retailers are clearing out room to bring in the new items)
  • cell phones

March -

  • televisons (new models are introduced in January at the trade shows and ship in March)
  • Sandals (first markdown of the sandals that were brought out in Janaury, and they say the sandals are gone by June)
  • golf clubs
  • luggage
  • chocolate

April -

  • raincoats (limited time to sell so they discount them quickly)
  • cruises (booking your cruise 9 months or more getter you the better price)

May -

  • athletic
  • apparel and shoes
  • refrigerators
  • office furniture

June -

  • dishware (wedding season is in full force and retailers know it, they also say a pattern used to be available for 2 to 3 years now only 1 so if you like it, grab it)
  • gym membership

July -

  • housewares (wedding season plus an incentive to get you into the store in the middle of summer to shop)
  • furniture

August -

  • swimwsuits (you probably now have figured out how the retailers are thinking, they don’t want swimsuits in Fall in their store)
  • school supplies

September -

  • plants (fall is a great time to plant perennials and there are great deals out there)
  • cars

October -

  • jeans  
  • patio furniture

November -

  • PJs and slippers  
  • tools (start working on that Christmas list now)

December -

  • Outerwear - retailers want room for spring items
  • pools

 If you know someone interested in buying or selling real estate let us know, we know when the perfect time would be for them.

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